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Noul site al RRTTLC

Revista Română de Terapia Tulburărilor de Limbaj şi Comunicare are, începând cu luna iunie 2017, propriul său site.

Existența unui domeniu unic pentru revista ASTTLR a apărut ca o necesitate în procesul de consolidare a publicației clujene specializată în publicarea de articole din domeniul terapiilor de limbaj și de comunicare.

Începând cu luna iunie revista este indexată în baza de date CEEOL și Erih Plus.

Vă invităm să consultati noul site al revistei  – și  așteptăm contribuțiile dvs în domeniu, pe adresa sau




Proiectul “We can too”

Prgram Bulgaria


ASTTLR este prezenta in calitate de partener in proiectul “We can too”.

Tematica programului este Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorders si este finantat in cadrul “Erasmus+” Programme of the European Commission.


“Youth movement for development of the rural areas in Bulgaria” /YMDRAB/ –

Bulgarian National Association of Logopedists (BNAL) – 

Organizatiile partanere in proiect sunt:

 Latvian association of logopedists –

 Asociatia Specialistilor in Terapia Tulburarilor de Limbaj din Romania –

 Estonian Logopedists´ Union –

 Lithuanian Logopedists’ Association –

Scopul proiectului :

The main project aim is: enhancing professional capacity of speech and language therapists from Eastern Europe to work with youngsters with Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorders.

Obiectivele proiectului:

 Learning about the essence and applicability of various methods and systems for work with people with Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorders;

 Translation and adaptation of tests for assessments of Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorders in children and youngsters;

 Exchange of professional knowledge, skills and experiences among the participants.


The Magic to Communicate

Pentru 2015 ASTTLR va fi membru în proiectul „The Magic to Communicate”.




Project “The magic to communicate”

Youth movement for development of the rural areas in Bulgaria ( in partnership with:

  • Latvijas logopēdu associācija –
  • Asociatia Specialistilor in Terapia Tulburarilor de Limbaj din Romania –
  • Estonian Logopedists´ Union –
  • Lithuanian Logopedist Association

implement together a project named “The Magic to communicate”. The main project activity will be an international training course for speech and language therapists focused on autism spectrum disorders. It will be held from 31.07.2015 to 09.08.2015 in the coastal village of Kranevo, Bulgaria. The training will bring together 50 logopedists from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania and Bulgaria.

The training will be conducted by an international team of trainers. The activities will be entirely based on the methods of non-formal education, including: presentations, mixed working groups, practical exercises, role plays, group discussions, field visits and others. Through these activities, the participants will learn about the essence and applicability of various methods and approaches for work with autistic youngsters. They will exchange ideas, experiences and good practices and will acquire practical skills to help the young people with autism. During the training course, the youth workers will develop new professional contacts that will be used for future cooperation in order to innovate and improve the quality of services for autistic youngsters.

An important part of the training will be presenting the opportunities offered by the „Erasmus+” Programme and planning of ideas for further interaction and cooperation among the partners organisations. In addition to that, during the course a variety of activities for intercultural education and exchange between the participants will take place.


This project has been funded with support from the “Erasmus+” Programme of the European Commission, administered in Bulgaria by “Human Resource Development Center”.